Samaritans Sunday School Class

The Samaritan Sunday School Class was started in the 1990's by a small group of about eight Sunday School Teachers so that they would have a place to attend Sunday School on the weeks that they were not scheduled to teach.

They concentrated on short studies that could completed quickly so that their commitment to teaching other classes would not be compromised. The name, Samaritans, was suggested by Nancy Watson and adopted by the group. This faithful small group has grown and changed over the years to a group of between 15 to 20 adults who meet every Sunday morning to study the Bible together.

Today, the Class concentrates on studies chosen by the group averaging about six weeks in length. Class generally starts with a short video followed by a lively discussion. Teaching duties, which are shared by several members of the group, are not difficult because after the first question is posed, the entire class contributes to the discussion as we learn from each other. It is often not necessary, or possible, to ask a second question because we run out of time.

One unique aspect of the Samaritan Sunday School Class is the "Pocket Change Ministry." Each Sunday we pass a basket and collect whatever loose change we happen to have in our pockets. At least twice a year, the class votes to contribute what has been collected to a worthy cause or charity. To date, over $4,000.00 has been contributed to causes as varied as Heifer International, the ALS Foundation, and Week of Compassion and to local charities like Brooke's House and Holly's Place.

We would love to have you join us for Samaritan Sunday School starting at 11:30 AM in the Fellowship Hall!

We look forward to seeing you!
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