Christian Heirs Sunday School Class

The Christian Heirs were formed in the 1950's when First Christian Church was located on South Potomac Street in Hagerstown. FCC had several large Adult Sunday School Classes, however, a young couple (Richard and Joyce Ott) who were about to be married were not interested in attending one of the large Sunday School Classes. So, they talked to Rev. John Duval, the Assistant Minister, about their "problem" and he suggested that they form a Young Adult Sunday School Class, and the Christian Heirs were formed.

When they first began their class, they met in the Furnace Room, as the class continued, the members decided that drinking coffee during class would be nice. The Church was not on board at first, but then our "Fellowship Time" was created.

Our Christian Heirs Sunday School Class has continued to be a class of loving, caring Christian people who enjoy spending time together whether it be for a week at Bethany Beach, their Ice Cream Socials, Picnics at Pen Mar Park, and many more.

We try to serve our Lord in everything we do such as making toys to be sold at the Church's Bazaar, serving Soup and Sandwiches at the Hanging of the Greens, and various ways to raise money for things that are needed, such as the time the Class sold Plates to raise money for the Kitchen in our current Church location.

We look forward to seeing you!
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