Music Ministry

The dedicated and talented members of the Chancel Choir and Instrumental Ensembles work very hard to present a beautiful array of music for Worship.

Our anthems are carefully picked to accentuate the ideals and message of the service and the changing seasons.

We have had record participation in the Children's Choir and Instrumental Ensembles, including the Bell Choir's record number! They have worked to improve their blend, range, and diction so that all who hear may be blessed and drawn closer to God. Most importantly, we are having fun!

This year, the Organ and Piano music has included a large variety, spanning seven centuries and a myriad of genres. Thanks to Leon Cross, Lawless Organ Company, and the Trustees, we have an instrument able to serve God for years to come. Leon's work has been a cornerstone of the Music Department in the past, present, and future years.

The Children's Programs have been curriculum-based, and the children have learned many different musical concepts and skills. They have learned basic Solfege, breathing, meter, and rhythms. They have also learned to incorporate these elements into singing or playing the Chimes and brand-new Desk Bells.

The older choirs have also demonstrated singing two or three-part voicing to provide a richer vocal texture to songs they love to sing.

We are still looking to add more members and looking forward to a successful season next year. All are welcome to come and bring your children to participate.

The Music Department seeks to be an awe-inspiring part of worship to bring all parishioners closer to God. The Music Department is a great way to use the talents that God gave everyone. 

Those who sing, pray twice!


We look forward to seeing you!
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