Diaper Ministry Team

The Diaper Ministry was established in 2019 in support of a growing unmet need for supplemental diapering supplies/supports to low-income families in the Washington County Community. The Diaper Ministry accomplishes it's mission by partnering with local supportive community agencies already serving Low-income families with children 0 - 5. These partners serve to identify, validate, and work with families on a variety of needs for their young children which are often compounded by poverty and a lack of basic resources.  

The Diaper Ministry currently works with community partners including Washington County Public School’s B-K Program, Washington County Head Start Programs, The Washington County Family Center, and Horizon Good Will Outreach Services to support over 120 enrolled children and their families currently receiving monthly supplemental diaper supports in the interest of hygienic care needs.

Our diaper distribution plan aims to support low-income families who are actively engaged with services but struggling to meet these basic needs. As awareness grows of this service, we also receive and respond to crisis needs, when able, for diaper supply requests from additional caseworkers and agencies across the community. Our goal remains to help families link with our community partners for a variety of needs in the prevention of crisis and the provision of enhanced care and services to children 0-5 in the Washington County Area. 

The Diaper Ministry currently supplies over 4,800 diapers to the community per month. While that is an amazing amount of diapers, it only meets less than a third of the monthly need for the enrolled low-income families in the Washington County Community. The Diaper Ministry has attempted to partner with Non-Profit Suppliers in the past however, due to various reasons, we have not succeeded in this area.

Thank you for your ongoing support and efforts to lighten a burden for families and essential service agencies across the Washington County Community. 

If you would like to learn more about our Diaper Ministry, please contact us!

We look forward to seeing you!
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