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Lenten Bible Study during Sunday School
Is there an afterlife?

Do you survive in some form after your death?

Most of us have been to funerals where it is talked about and affirmed. But what does the Bible really say about Jesus’ Resurrection and the Christian expectation of a continued life?

What do you expect to happen after the end? Ghosts? Nothingness? Purgatory?

A chance to send a message to loved one’s through a medium?

What do Christian scholars have to say about this?

For the weeks of Lent and (perhaps beyond a few Sundays), Rev. Fred Harris will teach a combined class of Samaritans and Christian Heirs each Sunday at 11:15 AM in Fellowship Hall.

All are welcome to come to the study.
The class is not limited to members of those Sunday School Classes.
Posted February 15, 2022
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