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Jazz Vespers
Jazz Vespers Service is a synthesis of several traditions, each finding a unifying voice through the unique musical heritage we call jazz. The evening Office of Vespers has roots extending into the worship life of the Jewish people. Vespers, originally begun at the rising of the evening star, are the Church's Evening Prayer, one of the two main hours of the daily Office where the fading of the light of day inaugurated the time when lamps were lighted. The Vespers Service consists of psalms, hymns, chants, prayers, and readings from the scriptures. The musical tradition is about giving voice to the hopes, dreams, frustrations, and pain that expresses the human experience. Jazz is the musical incense that collects and carries the prayers of a people. Many traditions have molded and shaped these forms of worship and prayer through an evolutionary process faithful to our heritage and open to creating new traditions of praise.  
This service is an eclectic mix of corporate prayer, spoken verse, jazz music. Through these elements, we walk through an ancient prayer service in a creative, informal, and multisensory way. Jazz music emerges as a balm that has the power to heal and inspire, capturing the hope of reconciliation without disguising a sometimes-bitter disgust and impatience with the status quo of society. Jazz reminds us who we are and where we have come from while inspiring us into the reality of who we can become in the Risen Christ. Jazz is the music of the social gospel of Jesus Christ.
Please join us on Sunday, January 31st at 6:00 PM as we delve into a Service of Hope, Peace, and Love. The service will be streaming on YouTube and Facebook and will be featuring the Monocacy Jazz Quartet
Posted January 20, 2021
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