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Week of Compassion

The theme this year is based on the book of Ruth.

When faced with forced relocation, due to famine and political strife, Ruth says to Naomi, “Where you go, I will go.” Solidarity stands at the heart of their story. Solidarity stands at the heart of the ministries of Week of Compassion. Solidarity stands at the heart of this offering.

Our abundance becomes their need and their need becomes our abundance.

What if we all lived as if this is our call?

We would change the world...

Will you put your Compassion into ACTION?

Our Compassion motivates us to share our resources with a hurting world because we, as followers, have been changed by God’s gift of Jesus. God’s love moves through us to bring help and blessing to hurting lives. We pass that love on to a world in need.

Our Week of Compassion Goal is $20,000.00.

As we compassionately  share our resources, we will change many lives, bringing joy and compassion  to those who are in need. Check out some of those changes at


Posted January 28, 2016
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